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The Motherhood Spectrum

Dena Doolin

The Motherhood Spectrum is a place for all mom-kind on a mission to become their best selves. We're obsessed with personal growth, self-care, and encouraging other women to go for their goals. Dena Doolin shares her personal narrative as a special needs parent along with how she set out on a personal growth journey not just for herself, but for her son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. She became the Founder of The Motherhood Spectrum and creator of The Intentional Living Planner to help women ditch burnout and overwhelm, by sharing planning tips, tools, and resources to help them maximize their productivity and optimize their time. If you're the kind of person who always wants to be growing and learning, you want balance and you aspire to live a life that feels fulfilling, then this is the place you can connect with the same ideas and people who are striving for that too. Be sure to tune in each week as we explore topics surrounding mindset, wellness, self-care, and productivity to help you ditch overwhelm and burnout so you can design your life with intention and create a lasting legacy that's worth living for.

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